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You Tube for Business Tips

Reach International Audiences
YouTube is accessible by many countries around the globe. This means that not only will you be able to reach the audience in your home country, but audiences all over-leaving potential for your video to rack up hundreds of thousands of views. While this is a great benefit, there are some things that you will need to do to your video in order to avoid cultural barriers.

youtube for business tips
youtube for business tips

For example, your video may be viewed in a country where your language is not spoken. In that case, you could caption your video to reach more viewers. Additionally, you could write your title, description and tags in multiple languages as well. Facing cultural trends is another challenge. What may be of interest in your home country may not have the same appeal in another country-keep cultural trends in mind when filming your video for the best results.

Ability to Upload Short Videos
YouTube allows you to upload short videos and there is no limit on how short your video can be. This makes it easy for businesses, because the length of your video can be flexible. In most cases, shorter videos can actually hold the attention of your audience better.

Ability to Upload Longer Videos
In addition to uploading short videos, YouTube also allows you to upload long videos (15 minutes or longer). To upload long videos, you will first have to verify your account by confirming your identity through your phone. You can do this by looking under your settings and following the steps. Businesses who want to post videos of seminars, lectures, speeches etc. can benefit greatly from this feature.

Update Videos/Channel Regularly
If you’re going to have a YouTube channel for your business, you should make it a general rule to upload your videos and keep your channel updated regularly. You might upload one great video and get hundreds of views on it, but after the hype is over, then what? The goal here is to keep viewers coming back to your page for fresh content. Even if you made it a goal to upload one video a month, you should definitely figure out how you’re going to keep up on your channel.

Include a Call to Action on Each Video
Including a call to action on your video can encourage and inspire your viewers to take action, such as rating your video or leaving a comment. Most YouTube users do this by writing their call to action on a separate screen and editing it in at the end of the video. You can also include a call to action through an annotation. When it comes to your call of action, be creative and put it anywhere that it would fit in nicely. Some people will even put their call to action in their cover photo.

Have Personal Interactions with Viewers
YouTube is a very interactive community and you should take advantage of it to the best of your ability. Make it a goal to respond to every comment that is left on your video, even if it is just to thank that viewer for watching. By speaking directly to your viewers, it helps open the door for a developed business relationship down the line. I’ve found it helpful to respond to negative comments as well. Be sure to keep calm and don’t attack any negative commenters. Everybody is going to run into some negative comments on YouTube once in a while. I like to handle negative comments by thanking the person for watching and asking what he or she thinks I should do better for the next time. Half the time you won’t even get a reply, but it shows respect and professionalism on your part. Another idea for interacting with your viewers is to speak directly to them through your video. For example, you could say that if anybody has questions or comments he or she can leave them in a comment below and you will get back to them.

Customize the Channel to Reflect Your Business
This tip is pretty obvious, but it is important to remind yourself of its relevancy. Customize your channel to reflect your business… in other words, you probably wouldn’t have tutorial videos if your business was an attorney firm, but instead you would probably have informational videos. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and ask whether the content you’re sharing is helpful and relevant. Be sure to get feedback from friends and others, as their feedback will help you get better and better.

Use Creative Titles
When it comes to YouTube videos, your titles are everything. The title is one of the first things a viewer sees and often determines whether or not he or she will watch that video. For the best results, you should put some extra effort in to make sure that the titles of your video are appealing and inviting. Let’s take a look at some keys for writing a good title:
Write descriptive titles. For example, if you uploaded a video of your dog doing tricks, avoid titles such as “my dog” or “beagle playing.” Titles like those don’t tell you much about what’s going on in the video. A better example of a good title would be “Beagle Performs Amazing Tricks Video.” From this title, you know that the video will be of a beagle dog doing something that you may not see every day.
Include the word “video” in your title. Many people search for videos in Google instead of directly in YouTube, so a typical search would be something like “dog trick video” and yours would likely turn up in the search results.
As always, be sure to do extensive keyword research for your title to make sure that you’re using the best combination of words.

Categorize Videos
When you upload a video to YouTube, you will get to pick a category to list it under. The categories on YouTube include:
Autos & Vehicles
Film & Animation
How To & Style
News & Politics
Nonprofits & Activism
People & Blogs
Pets & Animals
Science & Technology
Travel & Events

It is important to pick the category that is most relevant to the content in your video. YouTube allows you to categorize your video to make it easy for viewers to find videos that interest them. YouTube has a browse feature where you or anyone can browse these categories, looking for videos of interest. By picking the best category for your video, you can make it easier for your audience to find you.

Add Subtitles
In some cases it is a good idea to add subtitles to your video. This just makes it easier to overcome language barriers and it can also guarantee that your audience is hearing the right words.

Fill Out Google+ Profile
Since your YouTube account is going to be directly linked to your Google+ profile, I highly recommend filling out your Google+ page. Although Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it is still an avenue for social media and many business professionals do use it. As a rule of thumb, I always take advantage of every social media profile I have, even if I am not very active on it. You never know who may be on that website looking for information, so don’t shut any options out. However, it is a good idea to focus the majority of your attention on the two social media sites that give you the best results.

Share Videos on Facebook
If you own a business, you likely have a Facebook business page and for your convenience, YouTube makes it easier than ever to share videos to Facebook. You can sync your YouTube channel with your Facebook page by installing the YouTube tab, which you can easily do by clicking visiting here:
https://apps.facebook.com/uchannels/. There are some other ways you can use YouTube and Facebook together as well.
If your video has already been uploaded, you can share it to Facebook by going to the video, clicking the share button and selecting the Facebook button, which will prompt you to log into Facebook. Additionally, you can copy and paste the direct link to the video into your Facebook status update, although I think it’s always easier to set your YouTube and Facebook up to where the process is automated. It will always save you one extra step. Finally, you can go under your account settings on YouTube and manually connect your Facebook page there.

Share Videos on Twitter
YouTube also enables you to share videos on Twitter. Unlike with Facebook, there is a little box you can check when you upload your video to simultaneously share it on Twitter. Alternatively, you can also copy and paste the direct link into your Twitter page yourself. You can also go under your YouTube account settings and connect Twitter to your channel there.

Customize which TYPES of videos you will post.
Simply uploading a video to YouTube isn’t all that it takes to get lots of views and publicity for your channel. It is important to know what type(s) of videos you will utilize to get your message across. On YouTube, there are generally 6 types of videos that are popular:

Tutorials and how-to videos are the basis of all YouTube business videos. While many people are able to figure out how to do something by reading text, many others feel more confident in doing something when they are able to see it visually. The best way for a business to get its name out there is to create a tutorial or how-to video and to post it on its YouTube channel. This way, consumers who go looking for an answer can have it answered by you. Your tutorial video doesn’t have to be so in-depth that it answers all questions; it can be a basic walk-through, leaving the door open for more dialogue later on. This strategy leaves the door open for questions and more interaction.

Explanation videos are another popular type of video found on YouTube. People like to learn about things and your business may be able to provide an explanation that will leave consumers wanting to know more and with a greater degree of trust in you. An explanation video can answer a “what is” question, a “why does” question, a “how can” question or any type of question that your audience may have.

Whiteboard explanation videos are best for when you are explaining a topic in great depth. They are also good for when you need to draw a diagram or otherwise visually explain something. All you need is a whiteboard, some brightly colored dry-erase markers and the will to film yourself in front of it.

Interview videos are good for establishing authority in your industry. The key here is to find a person in your industry that is well-known and widely respected. If you can get him or her to agree to an interview, you can definitely attract many new and current consumers. You could also film somebody interviewing yourself or another person in your business.

Interactive videos are slowly becoming another popular type of video, but they require a little more time and patience to create. You may have already seen this type of video on YouTube in the form of a “choose your own adventure” or quiz videos. This type of video may not work for all businesses, but if you can come up with a creative way to integrate this into your channel then by all means do it! It can make your YouTube channel stand out.

Blogs are the easiest type of video to make because they can be about any topic. You can easily integrate a blog onto your website and the nice thing about blogs is they give you the freedom to talk about anything.

Upload Straight from Computer or Phone with Ease
Hosting video has never been easier. Before the existence of YouTube, anybody who wanted to upload a video to the Internet needed to go through a series of complicated steps that included encoding the video to a certain format. That often required you to download an extra program that could change the format of the video for you. Then you had to search for a file hosting website to host the video on and most of the time, it was near impossible to upload long videos due to the bandwidth limit. With YouTube, you can upload a video straight to the website with little to no problems. You will never have to worry about the format of the video or how long it is.

Edit Videos Internally
As you remember from Chapter 1, you can internally edit videos on YouTube. In the past, you needed to use a third-party video editor such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. The internal video editor makes it easier to directly edit your video and you will not have to worry about it taking up extra space on your phone or computer.

Select “Featured” Videos for Your Channel
You may have several videos to upload but there may be one that is more important than all the others. If you have a video like this, one that you want everyone who stumbles upon your channel to see, then you can set it as your featured video. Your featured video is presented on your channel as the first video with the biggest thumbnail, making it likely the first video that anyone who comes on your page will see. You can switch out your featured video at any time, which is helpful for when you upload an even more important video.

Take Advantage of Privacy Options
One great thing about YouTube is that it gives you a number of privacy options to work with. You can set your videos to public, private (meaning only you can see it) or unlisted (meaning anyone can see it but only if he or she has the direct link). Most videos on YouTube are set to public. I am a fan of the unlisted setting and here’s why: I saw a great example of how one business coach took advantage of the unlisted option on YouTube. This coach offered a free video course and eBook if you joined his mailing list. So anybody who wanted to access the video entered their email into the form and was taken to another page where he or she could view the video and download the eBook. I double-clicked on the video trying to figure out how to pause and play it and was surprised that another window opened up and it took me to YouTube. It was then that I discovered what this coach did-he uploaded his video course to YouTube (most likely because it is so easy to use YouTube) and made it unlisted. Since it was an unlisted video, he didn’t have to worry about anyone viewing it without first handing over his or her email address, which this coach then probably used to build his marketing platform.
Of course, an unlisted video is never fully protected, as you can run into somebody who will disregard the privacy setting and post your video all over the internet anyway. There isn’t a foolproof way around this but if you added a disclaimer saying “Please Respect the Privacy Settings and Do Not Share This Video,” you are likely to get through to most people.

Use Analytics to Track Video Performance
Another great feature of YouTube is that it will track analytics on your video for you – something that no other video hosting website will do. To view the analytics on one of your videos, simply go to that video and click the button that says analytics, which you can find in the lower right-hand corner.
Here, you can view different statistics on your video. The first page will tell you how many views the video got, how many minutes viewers spent watching it, how many subscribers you got, and how many people engaged with the video. You will also see a map where you can see what countries your viewers live in and how many viewers are male or female. Finally, this page will tell you how viewers found your video by breaking it into a YouTube search, an external website, a YouTube suggested video or other.
If you go back to the top of the analytics page, you will see a comparison button. You can use this feature to compare the statistics of two of your videos side by side. Finally, you can download the analytics report for singular videos in CSV format by clicking on the button that says Download Report. This is helpful if you have a separate analytics team who can help you figure out what you’re doing right and wrong in your videos.

Use Video to Support Your Brand
In marketing, building your brand is one of the most important things you can do to build your customer base and brand loyalty. Be sure to use YouTube to support your brand. One great feature that can help you do this is with the in-video programing function. This function allows you to add a small picture of your logo in the corner of all your videos. You can do this by going to your channel settings on the dashboard. You should then see the in-video programming option where you can upload your logo. You can have your logo stay on the video throughout its entirety or you can have it appear only for the first couple of seconds. Either way, it’s a great way to support brand identity.

Upload Presentations for Those Who Could Not Attend a Live Event
If you are a business that holds many meetings, seminars, webinars, etc., you can use YouTube to save those events forever. This is perfect for those who may not have been able to attend these events. It is also great for preserving the information given out at these events, which you could re-use in the future. You could also use YouTube to upload training videos, informational videos, or anything you think your employees could use for reference. Don’t be afraid to use the unlisted link if you’re not comfortable with the rest of the world seeing those videos.

Save on Bandwidth
I mentioned this earlier, but YouTube allows you to save on bandwidth, which can help your computer and internet run much faster. In the past, videos took forever to upload and download due to their large file size, but YouTube condenses all that and saves on bandwidth for you.

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