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Freud saw in dream images of towns an all-embracing symbol of women; the symbol might be inviting or forbidding, according to whether the streets are brightly lit or dark and empty. For Jung, the image of a town evokes the unconscious and an urge to explore your connections with other people. For some dream analysts, the dream town-just like the dream house or city-is a representation of the self. How you feel about being in your dream town can reflect your sense of well-being or dissatisfaction in real life. If your town or city has rundown slums or dilapidated houses, this can represent a refusal to keep up appearances; but if the town or city is taken as a representation of the self, seeing yourself in the slums is an indicator of either low self-esteem or a desire to explore unknown parts of yourself.

To dream of the gutter signifies degradation and unhappiness with yourself or with others. To find articles of value in the gutter in your dream signifies that current difficulties will teach you a valuable and important lesson. On the other hand, seeing yourself in the rich quarter or prosperous suburbs may suggest optimism and a good level of self-esteem. If, however, you are just passing through rich areas in your dream, your dreaming mind may be reminding you that there is more to life than simply material satisfaction. If the town is on a hill in your dreams, this is a Jungian symbol of wisdom. The town’s high position may also express satisfaction with your progress in waking life.

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