The Best way to Make Money on Facebook

Showcase Your Inventory. The photo albums feature on Facebook allows you to upload photos and organize them in separate albums. This is great for when you have lots of different items for sale. You can divide each category into a Facebook album and show what you’re selling. I know of a family-owned video game store who posts pictures of all their merchandise. People on their page instantly start flooding in with comments asking about price, condition, etc. Remember how important visuals are-if you can show your audience what you’re offering them, they are more likely to buy when they see it.

How can i earn money from facebook,list of best paid survey sites,best online surveys to earn money,extra money nyc - Easy Way
How can i earn money from facebook,list of best paid survey sites,best online surveys to earn money,extra money nyc – Easy Way

Post Your Blogs, Drive More Traffic, Make More Money. If you have a blog for your business (which I highly recommend because it qualifies as shareable content and drives traffic), you can generate paid-per-click ads on it. When you post these blogs to your Facebook page, you can increase the likelihood of more clicks, thus bringing in more income. You could also start a blog in the form of articles on paid-per-click article websites such as
Network With Other Businesses. Networking is powerful, especially when it’s business to business networking. Depending on what your business is, you can connect with similar or related industries to build rapport and further build your client base. It kind of works like this: you meet someone in a similar industry and they happen to know someone who can use your services. The more connections you can get, the more likely you are to get leads and sales.
Hand Out Exclusive Facebook Offers. A really good idea to increase the money flow from your fan base is to make offers and deals that are exclusive to your Facebook fans. This means that you will be more likely to get more likes, engagement, and more fans will want to take advantage of what they see as a “special” offer. Sell Your Ebook. If you have an ebook that correlates with your business, you can sell it by advertising it on Facebook. One post about your ebook can stir up engagement and increase the chances of other people catching on as well. The more exposure you can get the better. A good strategy would be to make it an offer that is exclusive to Facebook.
Start a YouTube Channel. If you are good in front of a camera, start a YouTube channel and link your videos to your Facebook page. If you can rack up thousands of views a month, YouTube will allow you to generate income from your videos whenever a person clicks on them and watches.

Business Ideas For Facebook
If you’re not already in business and you’re looking to get started, there are a few industries that have an upper edge when it comes to making money on Facebook. Here are a few business ideas to consider:
Selling Gently Used Items
Remote Tutoring Services
Freelance Artwork
Freelance Writing
Freelance Web Design
Freelance IT and Tech
Selling Arts and Crafts
Food or Catering Services
Selling T-Shirts or Custom Clothes
Photography or Videography Services

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