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TENDERNESS Dream Interpretation

Dreams can be used to explore your feelings about yourself. For example, if you see other people touching or loving each other and feel excluded or dream that you are surrounded by loved ones, this often expresses a need for the comfort, support and unconditional affection that you enjoy when someone is completely in love with you. Such dreams could be a strong indication that your levels of selfesteem need a boost; one way to do that is to seek out the love and support of those closest to you. Alternatively, the characters in your dream may represent aspects of yourself. Are they warm and loving or were you unable to reach or feel them because they were so self-centered?

Dreams in which you see yourself reaching out in some way suggest a desire for something or someone you do not have; this may either be an emotional or a physical absence. Your dream may also be telling you that you are trying to manipulate circumstances or control others with your emotional neediness. This is particularly relevant if your efforts to reach out and touch others are rejected or received with distaste. Witnessing a dream betrothal, wedding or engagement is another variation of the wish-fulfillment compensatory dream. Lastly, dreams in which you are in love with someone-it could be anyone you know or do not know in waking life-but your feelings are not reciprocated are less positive, as they reveal a fear of being rejected by your loved ones in waking life or uncertainty about the affection of someone about whom you care deeply in waking life.

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