Taiwan Photos

Taiwan Area: 63,200 sq. mi. ( 163,688 km2). Population: 7,700,000. Capital: Tunis, 600,000. Government: Socialist republic. Language: Arabic; French. Religion: Islam. Exports: Oil, phosphates, olive oil, grapes, and dates. Climate: Mediterranean. Tunis, the capital city, is near the site of Carthage, a Phoenician city that dominated the Mediterranean for 1,000 years before being destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. Ruins of the later Roman colony attract many tourists. After independence from France in 1956, Tunisia pursued a policy of moderation in foreign affairs under the skillful leadership of Habib Bourguiba. It was the most European of the north African nations, but after 30 years of Western secularism, there are signs of an Islamic revival.

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