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What is sugar made of?

Usually you cannot avoid using sugar while having breakfast, dinner and supper. There is always at least one dish served that contains sugar. It is used in sweets, biscuits, juice, tea or any kind of porridge. We got used to eating sugar the same way we got to bread and salt.

The sugar is no way similar to salt, because we cannot make it out of salty water. Neither can we find a sugar field. So, where do we get these sweet crystals from then?

Different kinds of plants produce sugar for us. Mostly it comes from sugar-beet and sugar cane, while in Canada they also make it out of the rock maple.

The sugar-beet as a crop plant was known since XVIII B.C. in Babylonia, however, at those times they only ate its leaves. The actual type of beet has been reproduced throughout the ages. The common beet was firstly introduced only in the XVI in Germany. Having worked on it for a while they managed to obtain sugar beet over two centuries later. Both in Europe and Russia people started producing sugar out of beet plant only in the beginning of XIX. There are also sugar beet types that were introduced having 20% of the sugar content in its roots. The sugar beet is only planted in the European countries and the USA.

50% of the whole world sugar is made out of sugar cane. It is believed that the first sugar cane production industry was established in India. Europe got to know about it only after the marches to India of the Macedonian king Alexander the Great. The sugar cane ancestor is considered to be the wild sugar cane that is native to Asia, as well as the Central Asia. Its successor is 6m high and has 5cm thick stem with a sweet fragrant core. It contains 20% of sugar.

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