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A lot of people are concerned with the matter what the Universe is, which is probably because it’s not so easy to answer this question. As we all know, the unusual and unexplored things draw a particular attention of ours. Besides, the Universe is everything around us. It’s extremely interesting to know what is there in the world except us.

The Universe Space
The Universe is a large space filled with stars, planets, galaxies and black holes. All these elements interact with each other and this way they form the whole system, which is called the Universe.

If you look at the map of the Universe you will realize that the stars aren’t located on their own sometimes, but are gathered into clusters. Such clusters can have 2-3 stars and it may also have several tens and even hundreds. The small number of stars that are gathered into a group are more likely to say that these luminaries have been just formed. The clusters, which are usually ball-like symbolize that these stars are much older. Both stars and planets form a galaxy. The galaxy system is quite mobile. All the stars are constantly moving. They appear, “live their life” and then “die” (blast out). If to take the luminary like the sun, it can live about 10-15 billion years.

Besides the galaxy, with the Earth in it, the Universe has also got numerous star systems, the same as ours, for instance, the Andromache nebula.

It is proved that the whole Universe is expanding. It means that the stars, planets, galaxies, as well as the galaxy systems gradually separate and fly different directions moving away from each other. Therefore, the space itself is also expanded. The Universe has no borders and no one can determine the center of it.

The universal order
All the objects, which form the Universe are chaotically positioned and make a stunning image. They often resemble a special net or filigree with distinct weave threads. The threads are the planets and stars comprising in a particular order. You can verify this by watching the map of the Universe. You can see some special chains made out of the luminaries and hollows in the map. The telescopes that we are using cannot overtake the whole Universe; therefore, it is still unknown whether these star figures cover the whole space or there are some star-free areas.

There are many questions about the surrounding world, which are still staying unclear; however, we will probably understand the nature in the nearest future. So far, there was no one who could explain the way how the Universe was formed. Some people believe that someone has created it with a supernatural power, whereas others think the it was God who generated it. It is just in these latter days that the scholars support the idea that the Universe appeared due to the huge explosion. You will probably want to know what the thing that burst up? It is believed that a certain substance that was in a high compressed condition. Suppose that all the surrounding, including our planet, the sun, as well as the stars is suddenly squeezed and pressed to the sizes of a tennis ball. And now imagine how big is the pressure that should be to do this. Therefore, at a certain period of time such a “ball” or a substance clot exploded and flew apart.

One of the questions, which are not yet answered, is whether the life on other planets is really possible or not. The scholars are now trying to find any living creatures there. The research vehicles were set close by the planets, while the space is read by the radar stations. So far, no one has even heard any sounds coming out from the space.