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At times you may experience the sense of smell in your dreams. If there is a strong smell in your sleeping environment, you may perceive it and incorporate it into your dream. Otherwise, the smell in your dreams is triggered by a memory. You may be associating your dream experience with a pleasant or unpleasant odor. For example, if you are dreaming about your mother, you may smell the aroma of a food she once cooked. The smell may trigger emotions and reflect the general quality of the experience. If the smell is repulsive in your dream, ask yourself what is rotten or corrupted in your life; alternatively, is your unconscious telling you that it has sniffed out danger or ’smelt a rat’?

Smells can remind you of a particular person or situation; they can also suggest good or bad feelings. For example, a pleasant smell could depict happy times or memories, whereas a bad smell could hold memories of trauma or difficulty. Smells can also act as a warning in a dream, as intuitive information is often recognized by a particular smell. You may have a good or bad reaction to the smell depending on your associations with it. Dreams involving the sense of smell may also be explainable by the large number of idioms regarding smell: on the right scent, throw someone off the scent, smell a rat, smells fishy, stinks to high heaven, what you did stinks and so on.

The appearance of your nose or the nose of someone you know in your dream may be significant. If the nose suddenly grows long, could you be telling lie after lie in the real world? If it transforms into a broken one, are you about to fall out with someone in the real world? If your nose was blocked, is there something about your waking circumstances that is getting up your nose? When you dream of smelling perfume you are often being reminded of particular memories. Smells in dreams can be evocative and you may need to recapture or reexamine a certain emotion associated with that perfume.

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