Sky Pictures

blue-clouds-day-fluffy-53594-mediumThe simplest astronomical phenomena take place in the sky. The sun and the moon move across the sky; you can see thousands of stars in the clear sky, and often the sky is gloomy, which prevents the astronomers to explore and study it. So, how to start exploring when the visibility conditions are affordable, the sky is clear and not cloudy? What do we start with? Where and when should we observe the sky?

The starry sky is a brilliant spreading of numerous stars, which were always attractive and mind-bending for the humankind. Long time ago a philosopher said that if you could see the sky from a particular side of the Earth, you would see crowds of people moving to that very place just to enjoy the magnificent scene. For people who live in the actual time the starry sky sight is especially majestic as we know the star nature; each star is the sun, i.e. the gigantic incandescent ball. It took a while for people to get to know the true nature of the celestial bodies. The ages passed over, and people who studied different celestial phenomena came to the actual scientific understanding of the world.

The starry heaven is a huge Nature book. Who manages to read it through, the countless treasures of the surrounding space will be revealed. The one who is not aware of the astronomical secrets can hardly imagine all the enigmas hidden by the stars, which ancient people called constellations.

The constellation knowledge is the astronomy alphabet. Both the amateur and the scientists of astronomy need to know it. Those who are familiar with the constellations and their position in the sky during the day and within the year, the stars can serve as guides that allow to find the horizon sides and even to indicate the time. The seamen, pilots, tourists and intelligence officers can read the stars well.

When we are in the open place (like in a field or in the sea) the whole world seems to be divided into two parts: we have the ground or water under the feet and everything that we observe above it is the sky. We dare to say that sky is a global universe that is observed through the air blanket called “atmosphere”.

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