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Sienna Miller Biography

Sienna Miller was better known as the fiancée of actor Jude Law though she herself was an actress. The two came close while working together in the movie Alfie in 2004. But Jude created a stir by accepting an affair with the nanny of his kids. In the meantime, Sienna had done a series on TV and movies like Layer Cake (opposite Daniel Craig in 2004), Casanova (alongside Heath Ledger in 2005). The couple announced its breakup in 2005 but soon got together.

However, this reunion did not last long and the couple split again the next year. By this time, Sienna had moved ahead and started to play big roles in movies. She was seen as Edie Sedgwick (a colleague of Andy Warhol) in the movie factory Girl while she also worked under the direction of Steve Buscemi in Interview. She also did movies made on large canvas such as the action packed G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and the comedy drama based Two Jacks. Though born in US, Sienna was raised n both US and UK. Sienna has a daughter from her boyfriend Tom Sturridge born in 2012.

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