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School Definition

You may have had a dream in which you were a child again and you felt lost and lonely at school. Perhaps it was your first day in a new school? Your unconscious often draws on past experiences to reflect current feelings, so perhaps you have recently started a new job or moved to a new area. Or are you just feeling insecure and uncertain about yourself? If your school dream was positive, you may just be feeling nostalgic about an exciting time in your life. If your school dream was negative, however, and you hated school, then your dream may be suggesting that you have not resolved your feelings about this life experience. You need to reassess your school days from an adult perspective.

If the school was ruined or dilapidated in your dream, this can represent the collapse of youthful illusions; your dreaming mind is urging you not to dwell on the past but to move on. Another interpretation of dreams about being back at school is that you are feeling suffocated by rules, regulations and restrictions in your waking life that are preventing you from leading the life you want to live. It can sometimes refer to feelings of rejection, aloneness and stress on leaving your mother for the first time. Your dreaming mind may also be urging you to seek out knowledge or learn new skills in waking life. Specific places or rooms in the school represent attitudes learned at school. For example, the library is a place of knowledge and stored information; the gymnasium is associated with physical health and a place where you take risks. School clothes suggest the social image you developed at school and school friends, those of your attitudes that you developed at school.

In general, dream of high school or secondary school are not so much about the lessons you learned there, but about social concerns or the desire to fit in at all costs. Whether you couldn’t find a classroom or were unprepared for an exam, the primary concern of such dreams centers around your own abilities and what others think of you. Dreams set in high school reflect your insecurities and social fears. If you dream of the school playground, this represents the importance of relaxation or recreation to balance the time you spend working. Not wanting to join in with school games suggests an inability to switch off from work, whilst reluctance to leave the playground suggests a lack of discipline. If you dream of bullying and are identifying with the victim, you may be expressing old memories of school experiences that were upsetting. Alternatively, the bully might represent a domineering figure in your current life or aspects of your own character that are domineering.

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