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Imagine that all the plants have suddenly disappeared. The dead silence captured the world! You will never see the poplars along the alleys anymore; neither will you see nettle nesting by the fence; the dandelion and plantain that used to stick out the pavement border are now gone. And your sweet home became inhabitable.

The educational kids encyclopedia “The vegetable world” will tell you the details and mysteries about the plant world on our planet.

As soon as the oak-wood buffet filled up with the provision of tea, coffee, cacao, jam jars, pack of nuts and different cereals disappeared the home turned restless. No one can now breathe the smell of the stored spices. The wooden wardrobes have also gone that before housed the cotton and linen clothes, no more soap, perfumes, and medicine are observed. And what about books and papers? They were also made of wood. We couldn’t have any ball and rubber shoes.

And it’s not even the worst about that. What could have happened if the something we cannot observe but cannot live without would suddenly disappear, I mean the air the oxygen? The plants produce oxygen and owing to them the whole atmosphere was formed, the air blanket without which the life would be impossible.

According to the calculations the scholars made we have about 500 000 species of different plants. However, this number may go down. Within a million years different species became extinct due to the climate changes and instead of the unique Gondwana continent the actual parts of land have been generated. They are as follows: Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America. However, such living fossils as ginkgo, aquatic water elm and its successors are still conserved on the Earth.

During the last 2-3 centuries the flora on the planet started changing because of the innocent human activity. If a tree has a strong, rot-proof stem, the one Agathis australis has that means it imposes a life risk. At all times ginseng considered to be the cure for all illnesses and today, it’s almost impossible to find it wild. People gather and destroy plants. It’s possible that either that don’t realize what will happen then or because know nothing about them.