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The tropical forests in South and Central America are filled up with the so-called New World monkeys, which are better developed than other prosimians. This type of monkeys includes: numerous tamarins or marmosets, which are as small as a squirrel, and some of them carry bright colors (like, for instance, the golden tamarin), some of them have long-mane hair or a “moustache” (for instance, the emperor tamarin). Their closest relatives are platyrrhine monkeys. They cannot but use their tail that helps them climb the huddle branches. It serves them as a fifth hand. One of the South American monkeys was given a nickname of “howler” for its “good vocal abilities”. The he-monkeys cover the surrounded area with their tubular voices heard throughout the whole night.

Everyone knows guenons and macaques. This is a higher developmental level primates, which belong to the leptorrhine type of the Old World. The guenons are long-tailed monkeys and they live in Africa, whereas macaques are short-tailed and they come from Asia. Their other characteristics look the same: they live in bands, always nickel and dime and raid the fields.

Another pretty-looking relative of the guenon is the colobus monkey. It has got a black body, long fluffy white-furred tail, and white whiskers on the head. They inhabit the thick forests; unlike other leptorrhine monkeys they prefer to stay in the tree crowns. They are also throughout the night.

You can find a four-handed funny creature on the Kalimantan Island. This is a long-nosed monkey. The proboscis’ face is “decorated” with a long nose. Besides, the females have it straight ahead (the same like human’s nose) and the males have it hanging down to the mouth, which resembles a mini-trunk. And the bigger it gets, the more the male becomes proud of himself. This monkey has also got a very strange belly. Like other animals they feed only leaves. They usually live in waterlogged mangroves, so they spend most of their time in the trees. This unusual surrounding demands a greater responsibility from the proboscis monkeys: the long-nosed monkeys are maybe the only ones among the apes, which can swim and even dive down.

The baboons are quite another type of monkeys. These are big and strong enough African monkeys, which are the allied species to guenons and macaques. They mostly inhabit the savannah regions. It is not for nothing they are called “dog-headed” as baboons have got an elongated nebs and big fangs. The male baboons stand apart from the females because they also have a fluffy, lion-like mane around the head and shoulders. These bands follow the strict hierarchy: the powerful male is the head of the whole band, it has several females close by him and somewhere far away you can see the other members of the band. Usually these are the young males, females and their babies. Keeping the land lifestyle they quite often become the victim for hyenas, cheetahs, lions and especially tree-tigers. But to be honest, we should mention that the adult male baboon can stand up for itself. When it turns towards the enemy its furious neb and open fangs it makes the young tree-tiger run away for sure.

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