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Milky Way

The Milky Way

During the moonless evenings you may observe the milky-white wide line along the starry sky. This is the Milky Way that stretches along the sky. The ancient people thought that it was the milk spoilt by Hera goddess. According to other myths it is the Mount Olympus path (the mountain where the gods lived) to the Earth. According to the Chinese legends the Milky Way is called “Tian Ho”.

But even at those times people suggested that the Milky Way is a bunch of stars, which could not be distinguished with the naked eye. With the help of the telescope, it became possible to identify the Milky Way nature. One of the greatest discoveries made up by Galileo was that Milky Way represents nothing more than a crowd of stars positioned circularly; and it doesn’t matter which way you move the telescope you can still observe the numerous stars many of which are too bright and easily distinguished, while weaker stars cannot be counted at all.” That’s the way Galileo described the Milky Way several ages ago.

There are innumerable stars wherever in the Milky Way that could be seen through the telescope. The Milky Way extends over the whole celestial sphere in a continuous ring with different width, brightness, and complex outlines. It goes through the Aquila, Cygnus, Cepheus, Cassiopeia and Taurus constellations in the northern hemisphere, while in the southern hemisphere it passes through Crux, Scorpio and Archer. In the Archer constellation the Milky Way is especially bright.

The billion of stars that make the Milky Way formed in a single star system, that is the Galaxy, among which is the Sun.

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