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Margaret Thatcher Biography

The first woman PM of UK, Margaret Thatcher was known as the Iron Lady. She was the PM for 11 long years. In 1947, she went to study in Somerville College in Oxford where she also became the President of the Conservative Student Association. She studied law, became a lawyer, and entered Parliament form Finchley in the year 1959. She was known as a conservative and her popularity grew over the next 2 decades.

It was on the 4th of May 1979 that she became the Prime Minister of UK for the first time. She was in favor of privatization and curbed government expenditure. She successfully handled the Falklands war against Argentina and her stern attitude got her the nickname of the iron lady. She was forced to resign form the post of PM on 28th of November 1990 because of inner party disputes and discontent.

John Major succeeded Margaret Thatcher as the PM of UK. She was also a writer and wrote two memoirs called The Downing Street Years (1993) and The Path to Power in 1995. She became a victim of dementia in her old age and died from a stroke on 8 April 2013.

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