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Before the commercial existence of computers and the World Wide Web, many people had to rely on socializing to find a life partner. Before technology made its mark on the world, many people met their spouses in high school, college, at work, at a bar, or through mutual friends. Today, many people still meet their spouses through these methods. However, as the internet began its incredible rise to fame and more and more people began connecting with each other online, dating websites began to grow in popularity as well. Originally, online dating websites weren’t as popular because many people thought they were only for those who couldn’t find a date offline. Safety issues also started to become a concern. However, after many people became aware of online safety and after social media websites and mobile apps began to develop, many people now have better attitudes toward online dating—at least 38% of Americans have reported that they have used an online dating website to find a partner.
Although some people may still prefer to meet people offline, there are many benefits to online dating. Online dating is a great option for people who have just moved to a new area or for those who are too shy to go out and meet people. It also benefits people who travel often and those who have busy lives. The ability to select desired qualities in a partner and make specific searches according to personal preferences is highly popular as well.
Online dating also provides people with a sense of security—you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself at once to somebody that you meet online—you can reveal things little by little or you can stay completely private until you’re ready. Online dating offers you a wide array of choices and you can protect yourself with the help of a “block” function. Best of all, most online dating websites are free. Some of them, like Match.com and eHarmony, charge for their services but offer a wide variety of additional options. You also have a greater chance of finding someone who is seriously looking for a partner from a professional site which costs money. Many mobile developers have also stormed the online dating market, as there are now many dating applications that you can download to your phone or portable devices to stay connected to your dating messages all day long.
Although online dating is an easy and convenient way to meet dates and perhaps your potential spouse, mastering it requires knowledge, effort, practice and technique. It is not as simple as spending five minutes on a dating website and then ending up with your dream date. This book will be your ultimate guide to effectively utilizing online dating websites so that you can get some great results. You will learn how to create the best possible profile, what to include in your first messages, how to make the first couple of dates a success, and how to increase your chances of finding your true love. You will learn the tips and tricks that experts use that will greatly increase your chances of landing that first date and finding your ideal match. All you need to get started is this book, a little patience, and a little determination. Afterward, you will find yourself feeling much more prepared, confident, and ready to begin dating.

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