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Interpretation of a dream in which you saw Spiral

Added: 06.15.2016
Patterns such as those printed on cloth or displayed in mosaics represent the order or chaos of your inner thoughts and feelings; the patterns, habits and beliefs by which you choose to live. Dream spirals indicate the things you repeat over and over again in your life so that they become habits. They can also represent intuition, or the movement towards greater awareness and insight in your real life. The idea is that everything is in constant motion. In waking life, spirals appear as whirlpools or spinning wheels, all centers of energy and activity; your dreaming mind may use these images to reflect your own energy in waking life.

Water is also a symbol of the unconscious so if you dreamed of a whirlpool, could this reflect your feeling of going round and round in circles in waking life and getting nowhere? Or could a spinning wheel have reminded you of your simmering anger? Evocative of staircases and snakes, the spiral is also a symbol of sexual intercourse or movement either towards higher aspirations, if it is rotating clockwise and upwards, or basic instincts, if it is rotating anticlockwise and downwards. If the spiral is moving toward the center, this suggests approaching your center indirectly. If the spiral is inert and stylized, like those that appear on seashells or the winding paths of a labyrinth or maze, this suggests a concentration of inward energy; your unconscious may be urging you to gain a deeper level of self-awareness.

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