You may have had a dream in which you felt blissfully happy and content. Perhaps you dreamed that your life was filled with laughter, that you were surrounded by your loved ones or felt profoundly peaceful and joyful. If these senses and feelings mirror your current feelings in waking life, then your dream was simply reflecting your elation. If, however, you had a joyful dream but your current waking circumstances are far from ideal and you are feeling worried, anxious or lacking in self-confidence, your unconscious may be trying to comfort and reassure you as a way of compensating for your current unhappiness or misfortune. Your unconscious may also be trying to send you an important message that can help boost your chances of happiness in waking life. Pay attention to the details of your dream. Who or what was it that made you feel happy? Was it a person, a situation, a place or a sensation? Once you have discovered what it was that made you feel good, try to decide if your dream was a wish-fulfillment fantasy or whether the person, situation, place or sensation holds the key to your happiness.

Dreams of flying, playing and floating are often connected to feelings of elation, joy and happiness. Flying dreams evoke feelings of freedom, liberation and breaking free from the chains that bind you in waking life. Flying dreams can tell you of personal growth, creativity and self-discovery. They may also symbolize great joy and excitement about what lies ahead for you in the real world. If you experience what seems like inappropriate happiness in your dream in a setting that in the waking world would normally be sad, such as attending the funeral of someone dear to you, such a dream may point to a state of denial-in order to protect yourself from current feelings of unhappiness you may be refusing to face reality or drowning your sorrows in excessive or addictive behavior. As always, consider the context of the happiness or joy in your dream before settling on an interpretation.

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