If Halloween figures in your dream in some way, this illustrates personal revelations or dramatic insights into yourself or someone else. Halloween-also known as All Hallow’s Eve-is the night when witches, ghosts and spirits are believed to walk the earth and reveal themselves; so is there something in waking life you need to reveal or come to terms with? Observed annually on the night of 31 October and originally a pagan festival of the dead, Hallowe’en is celebrated today as a night of fancy dress, trick or treating, and superstitious fun and games. Wiccans and pagans, however, observe All Hallow’s Eve (also known as Sanhain) as one of their most important sacred days. For them it is a time to honor the dead, communicate with spirits and observe rituals. It is also thought to be a particularly good time to make a fresh start and commence new projects. So if Hallowe’en images float into your dream, perhaps your dream is urging you to do just that.

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