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In the majority of cases, dreams that make you feel scared, terrified, anxious or afraid in some way are described as nightmares, but some dreams can express your waking fears or anxieties in symbolic and thoughtprovoking ways. In some cases they may show you how to confront or face your fears. Dreams in which you are falling, drowning, being chased, crushed or captured may occur when you have done something of which you feel ashamed or that you know is wrong; your dream is a form of self-punishment. Other dream researchers believe that such dreams are caused by the suppression of forbidden or hidden instincts. Discussing such dreams with others may help to ease your fears.FEAR
Any dream in which you are attacked or pursued is also a representation of fear; you should try to identify who or what is attacking or chasing you. Facing your dream demons may help to understand and resolve them in waking life. Dreams in which you are being attacked or threatened by animals are sending a clear message that you have suppressed your instincts too much and need to be more natural, or loosen up, in waking life. Dreams in which an intruder breaks into your house are extremely common and they also express a fear or concern about a specific person or situation in your waking life. Try to identify the intruder, as this will give you a clue to the interpretation. If you experience paranoia in your dream, or have an irrational fear in your dream of going mad or insane, this will reflect an uncertain situation in your waking life.

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