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You can make your Facebook page more powerful and more accessible by integrating it with other social media platforms. This can extend your audience reach by far and bring in new clients that you may have not been able to get otherwise.

Facebook's Mobile App Platform
Facebook’s Mobile App Platform

YouTube. I mentioned in an earlier chapter that having a YouTube account in addition to a Facebook page for your business can serve to be helpful and lucrative. Instead of constantly linking to your YouTube videos on your page manually, you can connect your Facebook page to YouTube for automated sharing. This means that whenever you upload a video to YouTube, it will automatically go out on your Facebook page. To do this, go under your settings in your YouTube Account and then click Activity Sharing in the left column. You’ll come to a screen that lists several social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. You can then follow the directions on the screen to connect each account. This YouTube video by Joseph Bison, How To Connect YouTube to Facebook & Twitter, shows a good example of this.

The Facebook Platform on Android
The Facebook Platform on Android

Twitter. Twitter is another very powerful social media platform that connects many people around the world. Some people prefer Facebook over Twitter but without Twitter, you can lose out on a wide audience. To ensure that all of your Facebook updates go to Twitter, you can easily connect the two platforms and never have to worry about both at the same time. All you have to do is go to Facebook.com/Twitter and then click on the words Link to Twitter that are next to the name of your page. This YouTube video, How to Connect Your Facebook Profile or Page to Your Twitter Account by Christian Karasiewicz, shows this well. If you are looking to really get the most out of Twitter, be sure to check out my book: Twitter: How To Market And Make Money With Twitter.
Google +. Although Google + is not widely used, it is still a great platform and connects you with most of the people you email back and forth with. Like Twitter, not utilizing Google+ can also be a loss. You can easily connect your Facebook and Google+ account by downloading an app called Start Google Plus for your web browser. Once you download it, it will install into your web browser and take you through a set up. Once it is set up, you will see an orange icon in the top right hand corner of your web browser. If you click on it, you can sign in with your Facebook and Twitter ID and then make all your posts directly from this app. They will go out on all three platforms. This YouTube video, How to Link Google+, Facebook and Twitter Together by Christian Karasiewicz, shows how to do this.
Instagram. Some businesses can benefit from photo-sharing, which is exactly what Instagram is designed to do. Instagram has many users and can serve as a great platform. It also comes in handy for photo-sharing contests. To link your Facebook and Instagram account, just go to apps.facebook.com/Instagram feed/ and follow the steps as you did when linking Facebook and Twitter. This YouTube video by Ali Rittenhouse, How to Easily Add Instagram to Your Facebook Page, shows you how to do it. Note that Facebook pages changed since this video was made. You can now access Instagram by looking in the Apps section, which is on the lower left hand side of your page.
LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the best business networking website around so it may be a good idea to make your Facebook page available on it. Although you can’t actually integrate the two platforms, you can put the link to your page in your profile. To see how to link your Facebook page to LinkedIn, check out this YouTube video by RayRay Murphy : How to Connect Facebook to LinkedIn.

Using Facebook on Your Smart Phone
If you have a smart phone, you will have an even better edge when it comes to using Facebook for business. This means you will be able to access Facebook from anywhere, anytime and there are also some free, useful apps that you can use to help keep yourself organized. Here are some ideas on how to use Facebook on your smart phone for the best results:
Download the Facebook Page Manager App. The Facebook Page Manager App allows you to instantly access your entire Facebook fan page from the tips of your fingers. If you enable push notifications, you will instantly be notified of any messages that clients send directly to your phone. You can also easily upload content that you already have saved on your phone. If you have multiple pages, you can manage all of them at once.

Download a Quotes App. If you plan on including some inspirational quotes on your Facebook page (which is never a bad idea for audience engagement), a great and easy idea is to download a quotes app in which you can save the quotes and upload them directly to your Facebook page.

Download Buffer. Buffer is a social media automation tool that is free for the most part and works cross-platform, so you can manage it from a computer or from a mobile device. You can schedule posts to your Facebook as well as any of your other social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, etc.). This is useful for entrepreneurs who travel a lot and may not have access to an actual computer. Email Apps. If possible, see if you can connect your email account that is registered with your Facebook to your smart phone. This way, you will never miss a notification and you can respond to your clients in a more efficient manner. Upload Videos Directly. If you don’t want to use YouTube, you can upload videos taken on your phone directly to your Facebook page using the Page Manager App.

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