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What is Coloring Pages?

The coloring book is a black and white painting that a child gets it colored. Just grab all the colored pencils, markers, water colors or gouache and get started!

Did you know the fact that there are only some paintings, which are good for coloring? Besides having fun doing this, you are also interested to make something out of it.

The best coloring books for kids are featured with:
– all the details are clearly expressed;
– at least one or several key images should be in the painting (for instance, a flower or a fairytale hero)
– the painting should be meaningful.

When selecting a proper coloring book for a child you should consider the following: the age and sex. You should offer big size paintings for small children, as they will for sure deliver the colors on the painting without breaking the outlines. Small detailed paintings are good for older kids.

Choosing the right colors for the book:
We could have seen all those ridiculous colors found on the painting that was made by a small kid. You could probably find these blue trees, red animals and orange chamomiles. Don’t you find that familiar? However, these are parents who decide whether to insist on their children using the right colors or let them to dream up. No one can say anything against and still everyone has the right to make a choice, but to tell the secret, if not to insist you are free to give an advice. There is other way if your kid is aged 2-4 years old, you should better get ready to meet the reality.

Smart kids coloring books:
We all stand for the profit, which means that coloring books are not only the way to entertain but also to make the brain work for a while. Just believe, it’s also nice to have it. Imagine of a common painting that depicts fruit and a small crossword or an alphabet letter. You can make profit out of it as your kid can easily learn the letter and learn to count. Thus, we choose the smart books!

Coloring books for different age groups:
– 2-4 years old: we all know that we cannot consider this kid to be attentive and plodding. So, you choose: water colors instead of the color pencils and big sized 2-3 color paintings. The result you get: a bright colored painting in a short period of time and a lot of fun.
– 3-5 years old: it’s time to discover the environment that appears in: flowers and mushrooms, birds and animals; kids also learn by coloring the letters and numbers; and also choose the paintings with bold outlines.
– 6+ years old: you are free to choose the cartoon and story heroes, plots and characters; that exactly what fascinates children during this age period. You can offer a huge variety of color pencils or markers in different tones. And try to be creative.

What else can we teach children?
Did you know the fact that kids coloring books can not only develop creativity and motion skills? Below you can find some more information regarding the skills that can be also developed:
– doing a specific task with instructions: the coherent element coloring makes you feel at ease and trains assiduity.
– Tidiness: kids will learn to wash the brushes after the color mixing and also to replace the water; they also learn to leave the table clean and arrange all water colors and pencils;
– Recognition: you should complement the child for every painting he did, and after that choose the best ones to put them on the wall. The brightest and the best ones should be selected together with the child. Let him/her self decide which one is the best one and why. It will bring the kid to understand that you can always make something better.

How to distinguish between boys coloring books and girls coloring books?
Girls coloring books traditionally go separately from those of the boys. Girls prefer princesses and flowers, while boy like cars and airplanes. But do not try to narrow the interest area of your child. That’s just a narrow mindedness! Every kid should try himself/herself in different areas.

Who will teach a kid to color the paintings?
There are some parents who give their children the coloring book together with the color pencils and let him/her do it on their own. Just leave him/her do whatever they wish to. They could be right, still it is necessary to teach your kid to hold the pencil they way it should be. When I say that I mean that the pencil should be between the thumb and the middle finger and balance it with your point finger. Your fingers should be at least 3 cm higher from the point edge. That’s really important to know. If your child learns to hold it incorrectly, you will face a difficulty to re-teach him/her, as well the handwriting will be spoilt.

It is important to show an example how to color the painting. Please, consider the following:
– You shouldn’t break the outlines;
– You should cover all the coloring area;
– You should deliver the color equally;
– You shouldn’t leave the painting semi-colored;
– You should color the coloring book and not he wallpapers and all the objects around;

Computer coloring books for kids
That’s really a matter of argument. If you really want to do that you can devote a half an hour to computer coloring program. However, most psychologists and also parents do not support this kind of painting. Why is that so? Well, besides the fact that your child is just sitting in front of the computer, he/she doesn’t get any profit out of it but fun.