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Bears Photos

The bears are probably the most famous representatives among the carnivorous type.

They stay apart from other animals of the same type because of their size: even the smallest honey bear weighs more than 50kg, whereas the adult male polar bear can reach a ton in weight. The barrel-shaped chest, tailless body with heavy legs and bare long-clawed feet, large head with tiny semi-blind eyes, big lively lips and shaggy fur – that is the bear image we all know. Most bears have got a black pelage with a white “star” on the chest like the black bear (often called the Himalayan black bear) has it. Only few bears have different appearance. There are two types of bears with a specific coloring: the brown bear and white bear. The cat bear is colored in black-and-white.

Most bears are the silvan inhabitants and they are good tree climbers. It’s only the white bear that is native to the Arctic open glaciers. It wanders back and forwards looking for the seals, the prime game of his. This is the only real carnivorous animal among the bears; the rest prefer the vegetable food like berries, juicy herbs, leaves and roots. That is why the bear’s jaw teeth are applanated and shaped especially for crushing the fiber plants rather than hacking meat.

Even though they look awkward, the bears can speed up to 40km/hour. Generally, they are not aggressive; however, they can suddenly go furious and do a lot of harm to the offender. That’s why, these favorite circus animals are always muzzled while making a performance. You never know what comes to the bear’s mind…

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