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banana-2Bananas are the tropical plants. These are not shrubs, nor trees, nor palms, but gigantic old 15 meter herbs, for instance the gigantic banana that grows in Papua New Guinea. The stem is small, however, the leaves twisted with each other, form a fake stem that rises up so high. Every next leaf is developed from the previous bosom. To reduce the water evaporation the leaves are covered with a vegetable wax.

Like many other herbs, bananas grow rapidly. In only 8-10 months the fake stem can make up to 7-8 meters and as soon as the leaves stop forming the blossom cluster appears on the top of the herb. It looks like a huge sprout on the powerful stem. This gigantic sprout generates by the tightly covered leaves. They appear in pink and purple colors. The leaves open one by one and gradually unfold the blossom cluster. The leafstalks are so short, that we can only see the transverse spine on the powerful double-rowed flower stem.

The female flowers are formed out of the lower clusters and they give the fruit. Then come the male flowers that rise up to the crown cluster. If the flowers bloom at nighttime, they are pollinated by the bats. They wallow the nectar and roll in the pollen. The birds and insects pollinate the flowers during daytime. The banana nectar is sweet and the pollen is rich.

The banana herb has got a leathery skin fruit. The huge amount of seeds matures inside its juicy flesh. The whole fruit system counts up to 300 fruits with a total weight of 60kg.

Having matured, all the aboveground part dies out. And at the fake stem base the underground shoots are formed initially growing to the side and only then up to the soil surface. They give the start-up for the new stem.

The seeds are spread all around by the animals, which enjoy eating bananas.

You can find banana herbs growing in all tropical regions on the Earth. They grow in India, Malaysia, Africa, Latin America, and in the Canary Islands. Spain, Lebanon and Florida, USA also started growing them. The decorative banana plant is cultivated in Caucasus.

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