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Amanda Knox Biography

An American student charged and convicted for killing her roommate called Meredith Kercher, Amanda Knox was finally acquitted and released from prison. It was on 2 November 2007 that Police found the body of Meredith with her throat slit open inside the apartment in Italy where she lived along with Amanda. Amanda was arrested along with her boyfriend who was an Italian and a drug dealer on charges of killing her roommate. The boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecto, and the drug dealer, Rudy Guede were tried in the case that went on for a year. Amanda became infamous as Foxy Knoxy and the prosecutors depicted her as a she devil interested only in sex, alcohol, and drugs. Though Knox denied the charges that she had killed her friend, she and her boyfriend got convicted and Knox was awarded a 26 year sentence in prison. The couple was ordered to pay the parents of the deceased 1 million Euros each. Knox appealed against the verdict and in a stunning reversal; the jury decided that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that she had actually killed her friend. Amanda was acquitted and she announced upon her return to Seattle that she would write her memoirs in 2013. Her case was not finished yet as the legal system in Italy continued with it and came to a conclusion that her acquittal in 2013 was flawed. It was announced that she would be tried with her boyfriend again in Italy. The nickname Foxy Knoxy used by media is attributed to her profile page on My Space. Her family says that she got this nickname because of her speed and agility on the soccer field. Her behavior was described as odd by the press when she was interrogated by the authorities as she did cart wheeling and appeared relaxed while waiting to be questioned. Amanda later clarified saying it was her own way to remain calm and collected during periods of distress. During her interrogation, Amanda accused a local bar owner for the murder of Meredith Kercher. He was later acquitted and sued Amanda for defamation. Meredith was a British national who was studying at the University of Leeds. A movie called Amanda Fox: Murder on Trial was made in 2011 for TV in which Hayden Panettiere played the role of Amanda Knox.

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