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ALIEN Dream Interpretation

According to Jungians our current interest in UFOs (unidentified flying objects) suggests a need for wholeness. In A Modern Myth of Things in the Sky (1958), Jung showed that his theories about archetypes explained much of this phenomenon. In his patients, Jung discovered that the mandala emerged from the unconscious as a sign of the urge towards a new wholeness. The round shape of most UFOs was significant because circles are mandalas. UFOs reported in waking and dreaming life were therefore fantasies projected by the modern psyche’s need for meaning and striving for wholeness. Jung claimed that UFOs were an archetype that could herald a great shift in human history, since they were an indication that something important was changing in the universal consciousness. Others suggest that UFOs represent an aspect of yourself that you are afraid to believe in.

Aliens in dreams tend to suggest that something unknown or frightening in waking life needs to be faced. Assuming you were not abducted during the night, dreaming of aliens may also indicate dealing with something unfamiliar in yourself. Are you behaving in ways that are alien to you, for example? Aliens are something humans have never encountered, so the dream is urging you to prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes in dreams, aliens suggest evil forces, but more often than not they suggest that you feel different or set apart in some way from others. Perhaps you have started a new job and feel the odd one out.

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